Great Depression/ World war 2

The timeline

October 29, 1929, was a dark day in history. "Black Tuesday" is the day that the stock market crashed, officially setting off the Great Depression. Unemployment skyrocketed--a quarter of the workforce was without jobs by 1933 and many people became homeless. President Herbert Hoover attempted to handle the crisis but he was unable to improve the situation. In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president and he promised a "New Deal" for the American people. Congress created The Works Progress Administration (WPA) which offered work relief for thousands of people

The effects after the war

The eftects of the war

Below are some of the primary effects of the Great Depression: Stock Market And Banking Regulations. Franklin D. Expanded Role Of Government An Effect Of The Great Depression. Mass Migration An Effect Of The Great Depression. Societal Change An Effect Of The Great Depression.