Progress NC Billboard Coming to NB!

Keep Your Word, Governor McCrory Billboard Visiting Thursday

From our friends at Progress NC

Dear Sandra,

When politicians break a campaign promise, we must hold them accountable. And The Charlotte Observer said last week: "McCrory Breaks His Promise."

During his run for Governor, Pat McCrory made a clear promise. He promised not to impose further restrictions on a woman's right to choose. He has now shattered that promise and is poised to sign a bill that will restrict a woman's right to choose.

Don't let him get away with misleading people in order to get their votes. Don't let him throw the women of NC back to the 1950's. Please join us on Thursday, July 25th at noon as we rally around our mobile billboard in front of theCraven County Administration Building located at 406 Craven St. in New Bern. Join us in asking Gov. Pat McCrory to keep his promise to the women of North Carolina.

When you get to the address for the rally, just look for the mobile billboard. We'll bring the signs, information you need to know and action steps you can take. You just have to bring your determination.

Please shoot us an email back ( if you plan to attend. And whether you can attend or not, we would appreciate it if you would share this Facebook event page with your friends in the New Bern area: .

Many thanks,
Progress North Carolina Action