This Week In Reading

Final Week of Six Weeks

End of Year Stuff

This week is the final week of the 6th Six Weeks (outside of finals week). The students are wrapping up their final assignments and preparing for next year. Please ask your student about their current grades, if they have any coupons from the year that they can use, what their summer reading assignment is for the 8th grade, and how they can prepare for their final. Since this is their first year to take finals, they may need some extra help preparing for them. I am available every morning for tutorials (except Monday).
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Poetry Test-- Tuesday

The students are showing off their knowledge of analyzing poetry on Tuesday. They will be presented with two poems and will be analyzing for poetic devices and using a strategy called TPCASTT.
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Summer Reading Assignment

Mrs. Strange, the 8th grade Pre-AP teacher, will be coming to class on Wednesday to present and assist with the summer reading assignment. She is an excellent teacher and will be such a great resource to the students next year.

You should be getting a Skyward blast Tuesday about the assignment and what is necessary to complete it. Please make sure to read the blast and check in with your student after they meet with Mrs. Strange Wednesday. The assignment is not an easy assignment, but is very indicative of the critical thinking the students will do in their Language Arts class next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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