Is there to much pressure

On girls to have the perfect bodies?


Pressure on girls is getting to dangerous girls start throwing up are not eating and they start weighing there self's every day. Girls are getting pressured by guys so that guys can date them. Some girls just want to have pressure on there bodies the girls want to

be in magazines and want to be cute at the beach for the guys. :)

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Reason 1

  • Girls get pressured to go on diets.
  • Girls don't eat enough food and don't drink enough so they get very skinny and they start throwing up.
  • Girls start to do drugs and smoke

Reason 2

  • 63 o/o was last year of girls getting pressured to have perfect bodies then this year there is 84 o/o of girls getting pressured.
  • Girls get bullied when there over weighted.
  • Girls start to kill them self's because people always give them bad comments to each others.
  • Girls are starting to be not conferrable about there wight.
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Reason 3

  • Girls get teased about there fat so the girls worry about them self's .
  • Girls get more pain when there skinny.
  • 80 0/0 of 10 year old girls are worried about getting fat