Team Update!

Hoopla 2014

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Yessss..... the new fall collection is GORGEOUS! There are viewings in Atlanta, NY and California. Look in the lounge to see where the next viewing is. THIS Wednesday, there is a webinar explaining the collection, see the lounge for information on this call. I highly suggest that if you cannot attend a Fall Rally in your area, that you join this webinar. This info is listed in the lounge under News.

Need MONEY to order from the new collection? OK... SELL YOUR OLD SAMPLES by having a sample sale! You could also QUALIFY for the next 3 months to get $100 in free jewelry credit. You don't have to come out of pocket to get this collection. Host a trunk show!
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Thank you!

Thank you for being with me on this journey at Stella & Dot. When I tell you what a wonderful experience we had at HOOPLA, it almost doesn't sound real. We were in the heart of Imagination and Dreams, we were at Disney. Surrounded by the thoughts of Walt Disney, who experienced so many ups and downs with his business that when no one believed that Disney World would work... he IMAGINED that it would. He believed in his own DREAM when no one else did. And he NEVER gave up.

Do you remember that feeling? Do you remember telling your husband, "I met this lady named Tosha and she's selling Stella & Dot jewelry and I want to do that too!" Now... Do you remember telling everyone else and they looked at you like you were crazy for signing up for another "direct selling company?" I do. People ran for the hills. My mother was (is) my best customer but friends I've had for years said things like "This is too expensive" or "No, I don't want people at my house to do a trunk show."

Sigh... but you knew. You knew at Stella & Dot our trunk shows are not just trunk shows, We bring the sunshine and make people FABULOUS!! That $199 that you spent is YOUR business. When you want money to take your children school shopping, OPEN YOUR BUSINESS. When you want money to go FOOD shopping, OPEN YOUR BUSINESS. I encourage you to stop sitting on all those beautiful jewels you have and OPEN YOUR BUSINESS!! Here's why: You've just received a raise. You've jumped from 30% commission to 35% commission and the new comp plan is coming in September along with new technology to enhance your business. Want more information? Log into your stylist lounge and look under News.


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Stylist who attended this years HOOPLA received OVER $300 in Hoopla swag!

THREE Thousand...

3000 Thousand women who are all on the same journey as you and I came to HOOPLA to learn, laugh, connect, dance but most importantly, to DREAM. You missed the story of Darrah Akin, a stylist who had a miscarriage and then a car accident and was told she'd never walk again. Well, she proved her Dr.'s wrong and is a walking, talking, fabulous Stella & Dot Stylist! This year she and her team decided to live HAPPY (see Darrah below in front of happy sign) and they chartered a PRIVATE PLANE to hoopla using their BLUE SD CARD. Where will your commission take you?

Jessica read the story of another stylist who just got a divorce and was raising her son alone. She wanted to prove to her EX that "I CAN MAKE IT ON MY OWN" and she signed up as a stylist to provide for her and her son without his assistance or approval. She rocked this business and she took her beautiful son on the trip of a lifetime using her little blue card. Her letter was read at Hoopla and her picture is posted below receiving flowers from Jessica. This business is empowering women and I must say that I am reaching for the stars creating big scary goals for myself and I want you to come along. The next Glam Getaway is to the Dominican Republic and I'm going! Anyone else want to work their business and meet me and Darshay poolside? Declare it so!


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One of my big scary goals is to take my husband to the EVO (gamers) tournament the same week! I'll be at Hoopla and he'll be there! I'm paying for it with all of my earnings, this is just one of my goals. I'd love for you to come to Hoopla next year. I want us to show the other teams that "We are HERE!" I mean complete with T-shirts and meetings, let's make this a family affair! We've got an entire year to move our business forward. So seriously... Whose in?
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Starting tomorrow I will be calling you to discuss your goals. For all of the Georgia girls, I will be doing a Hoopla Follow up on Sunday at 3pm. If interested, Please let me know when I call you tomorrow so I can plan out where we will meet. Lastly, this business works. But, it only works when you do. I'd love to see you Live Happy just like us. Chat soon. Xoxo, Tosha