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Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear 4C Parents -

Thank you very much for being so patient with me. I'm still in disbelief. The kids have been great. Almost all of them are writing in the journal with me so we can stay connected and know what's going on in each others lives. A handful completed the Friday Flipgrid. Seeing faces and hearing voices was the best part of my day! Thank you for all the help I know you're giving at home. I know this isn't going to be perfect and might feel really frustrating.



So many kids did the Flipgrid videos! I truly loved hearing their voices and seeing their faces. :) Please let them know they can go back in and view my response and even comment on their friends' videos too!


Today, I built a student group in my email. I'd like to try to Zoom with the kids.

This is what should happen:

-I'll email with a link

-5 minutes before the Zoom meeting they should click the link

-then they'll have to download the zoom app, they'll be prompted and it should be easy.

I am going to schedule 2 meetings for Monday, March 23rd. One at 9:00am and another one at 6:00pm. I am hoping that many of the kids could be available to join one or even both.

Be sure to have them check their gmail! They access gmail when clicking on the magnifying lens that's right above the shift key.


I am looking daily at iReady data. I will reach out to kids personally through our journals. Some kids really don't like it and may need some help through the lesson. It's ok for you to give assistance. I also understand that not all adults are available to help.

Specials & Enrichment

Kids are free to look around in Schoology at other courses and groups. For example, Mrs. Coleates has posted some websites in an Enrichment group. I have heard that the PE department has put in information as well as Mrs. Perry for the kids who play instruments.

My Contact Information

email - closege@canandaiguaschools.org

cell - 585-955-3111