British Prep Monthly Newsletter

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Customer Service and Achievements

Dear fellow employee,

We would like to recognize you all for your customer service. We have heard alot from our customers and they appreciate your patience and helpfulness. Our kids have fun learning here. We have heard from many parents that our employees and teachers are doing an excellent job in teaching their kids. We are pleased to have Cynthia Johnson come to our school and re-design our classrooms. We hope that this will help the kids grasp new ideas.

We will be replacing our snacks stash which include chips and goldfish with go go squeeze and grapes. We will also be replacing juice boxes with water. We are happy to announce at for the third year in a row we have been ranked for the cleanest preschool in Katy,Texas. We are looking forward to our fourth year.

Employee of the month

We would like to recognize one of our hard working and thoughtful employee Janice fortune, the kids section math teacher as our employee of the month . She has been working in our school for the past ten years and has always give her best effort into helping our kids learn . She is lately been working on a class math project Such we hope will help our kids in their math skills . She not only halos our kids in the math section but she also gives her input and feedback to our course selector Miss Judith. As we noticed her excellent work we thought that this would be a great time to recognize her amazing work she does for our school . We will be holding an employee gathering to recognize the exceptional work done by Ms. Janice.
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Valentine dance party

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 9pm

25935 Cinco Terrace Drive

Katy, TX

We are holding a valentine party at our school for the kids so they can have a celebration after their hard work. We encourage the parents to come and have fun with their children. We are open for volunteers. The more help we get, the smoother the party goes. The part is gonna be on Sunday February 14 from 12:00 to 2:00. We will be serving healthy snacks and gluten free cookies with juice. There is also gonna be a bouncy house and exciting games. We will also be having homemade Valentine cupcakes made by Ms. Judith. We hope to see all of you all there.

Theme weeks ahead

This is to inform all of you the planned theme for the next month.

  • February (15-19) - plant week. The older kids will be able to grow their own plants during the week while the younger kids will be able to bring a plant which they have at home on Friday.
  • February (22-26)- hat week. The older kids will have to wear a funky hat every day of the week while the younger kids will be making their own paper hats.
  • March (29-4)- dream week. The older kids will be able to wear pajamas while the younger kids will be able to bring their stuffed animals.
  • March (7-11) - book week. The older kids will be able to bring their own books while in the younger classes, teachers will be reading books to the kids.

Fun Facts and New Events

Fun Facts

  • Our school has been open for the past 15 years.
  • Later this week our new designer is going to come and design our new classrooms for our older kids.
  • Our pre-school is the top coed pre-school in Katy, Texas.
  • We are the first pre-school to have 3 different branches across Katy.
  • We are the first pre-school to be run by only one woman.
  • We have over 100 employees in each campus. New Events Just before spring break, we are going to be holding a spring break party for our kids to enjoy the last few days of school before the break. The kids are going to be using all the knowledge they gained throughout the year in the activities we provided for them at the party. We are going to be organizing the party at the first standing campus, which is on Mason Rd. We have called in Cynthia Johnson, a very famous designer, to come in and redesign our classrooms in our kids section. There will be a day in the second week of March when we allow the kids to create art work and give us suggestions about how they want their classrooms to look like.