KA Classroom Update

Friday, October 16, 2015

What's happening in KA

Hello KA families! We are really beginning to enjoy our classroom schedule and routines. We have continued working on building our classroom community. We are all working hard on becoming respectful members of the classroom who take care of friends, help each other, and take care of classroom materials. We also read Amos and Boris by William Steig and had several heart-to-heart discussions about what it means to be a Caring person. Ask us our thoughts!

Also, thanks for making Back-to-School night a success! We were thrilled to be able to share a little about what is going to be happening in Kindergarten this year. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about our curriculum.

And...your child's take home folders went home today with work and announcements in them. Please return folders to school Monday.

Take a look at us learning!

And there's more!

Math and Math Block:

In addition to our daily math lessons, we have Math Block once a week. This Friday was our first day of Math block. We are really looking forward to working in small, differentiated groups that allow our understanding of math deepen.


In Phonics we have been playing sorting games based upon syllables. We like to say a little jingle to help us work: ba-na-na. Can you say it? Ba-na-na. Can you clap it? Ba-na-na. Can you stomp it? Ba-na-na.

Our Special's Schedule:

Monday: Spanish and Art

Tuesday: Spanish and Dance

Wednesday: PE and Spanish

Thursday: Art and Spanish

Friday: Music

Social-Emotional Learning

In our class, we have been talking about how we can be good community members. We acknowledge that, at times, it is difficult to follow the rules we have set for ourselves as a community. Therefore, we have introduced the "Take a Break" chair to our classroom. We presented it as an option for children when they are having trouble following the rules, showing self-control, or just need a quiet moment to themselves. It is different from a traditional "time out" because we allow the students to go when they are feeling like they need it. If a teacher sends them there, it is always in a positive, loving way aimed at helping the child learn coping skills. It is framed as, "It seems it is hard for you to be on the rug without calling out right now, please take a break and calm your body- we can't wait for you to come back when you are ready!"

The article below helps explain our approach:


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Meet Spike!

We are very excited to have our new class pet Spike in our room. We have enjoyed observing him just as much as he has enjoyed observing us.

Dance with Ms. Siby

Greetings Parents! It has been a joy and pleasure to meet and teach KA dancers. We have been hard at work (and play), exploring the language of movement, through dance stories, poems and freestyle circles. Feel free to ask your child what they’ve learned in dance on Tuesday. They just might respond with a masterful performance!

Physical Education with Coach M!

Even when they are not in the gymnasium these kindergarteners want to practice their "pencil rocket ships" (jumping jax) and ABC push-ups at metrotech to continue getting stronger each day :)

Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

It has been such a pleasure spending time with the kindergarten dendrologists (that's scientists who study trees). Our young scientists have been exploring the properties of leaves (shape, size, and color), and have been deeply thinking about the different parts of trees. Ask them which part of a tree drinks water [the roots] and which part of the tree does the breathing for the tree [the leaves]. They'll be glad to answer and act it out for you! We recently adopted a tree for the KA community through Million Trees NYC, and soon our Scientists will get to venture "out into the field" to meet, observe, and touch THEIR tree. We are so excited for the connections that our Scientists will make between their inquiry into community places and their very own tree!