Purple Elephants

January in a nutshell

What we did:

We all came back from Christmas break refreshed and ready to go. We started out experimenting with ice and snow. We melted it, licked it, and smashed it. We spent the rest of the month exploring classic stories that all had 3 animals (bears, pigs and billy goats). We crawled like bears, built pig's houses and built a bridge for the troll.

We learned about big, medium and small. We found out what happens when you "add" or "take away" an object from a group and we discovered what's happens when you remove the lid from popping popcorn!

Next month:

We will celebrate Valentine's Day and get ready for the rodeo.

February 12 (Friday) - Valentine's snack party

February 15 - No School

February 26 - Dad's Hoedown Breakfast