Titanic Survivor Rosa Abbott

Allen Abad

Passenger's Personal Information

Mrs.Rhoda Mary 'Rosa' Abbott was born on Tuesday 14 January 1873. She was 39 when she got on board the Titanic. She got on with her two sons Mr. Rossmore Edward Abbott and Mr. Eugene Joseph Abbott.

The Ship

She was 882 feet long. With 9 decks, and as high as an 11 story building. The boat was supposed to be unsinkable because it says that she had been designed so that she could still float if only the first five compartments were flooded. Rosa Abbott was a third class passenger her ticket cost was 20 pounds. A third class room was really small with

two bunk beds a mirror and a place to put your clothes.

Disaster and Rescue

At 11:40 Fleet spots an iceberg and sounds the bell three times and picks up the phone. The officer picks up and Fleet tells the officer about the iceberg. Then the officer orders the ship to turn but the ship looks like it missed except it hits and the ship's compartment starts to flood.

20 minutes later things in the ship start to look bad the mail room was flooded and water was starting to pour in the into some of the forward holds and two of the boiler rooms. The captain was sending out help calls.but no one was close enough excpet for the carpathia.

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Life After the Titanic.