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We are a top-rated school in PA

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Avon Grove Charter School is rated highly among charter schools in Pennsylvania according to Our middle school is ranked #4 of 119 in the state with elementary school and high school at #5 of 126 and #6 of 76 respectively.

We are #7 for Best Public High School Teachers in PA and #3 in Chester County.

Nationally, we are included in the top 1% of Best Public High School Teachers. We rank in the top 15% for Best Charter EL/MS/HS.

High scores in the categories of Teachers, Administration, Food, Diversity, and Health & Safety result in an overall grade of A-.

Mr. Matt Messick, High School Principal, says this about our A+ Teacher grade:

"The recognition of our teachers is no surprise. When I first joined, I had the unique opportunity to meet with the educational community and visit classrooms as Dr. Maitland closed out the year. In meeting with staff, their motivations and dedication were evident. Our teachers are motivated by the students."

In remarks about other AGCS strengths, Mr. Messick says, "All of these work together to build a healthy educational community." To read his full comment, see below.

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Top Rated School

Mr. Messick's Full Comment About Scores

None of them jump out as a surprise, but all are noteworthy. All of these work together to build a healthy educational community.

For Administration, I already feel the support while being provided direction with expectations from Upper Administration. The passion and motivation start with Mrs. Bishop. She can not hide her love for our entire community, and her attitude is contagious. Her team helps to create, guide, and support in reaching a shared vision. I regularly witness the dedication of my fellow principals; there is a constant focus on maintaining safe learning environments where students can grow.

In Food Service, our staff in the cafeteria work hard to prepare and provide breakfast and lunch to every student. Added to that, the availability of our Wolf's Brew offers students and staff options not available in other systems.

For Diversity, I don’t think it is the mere presence of diversity that should receive high marks. It should be the community that is developed because of the respect of diversity. Our staff and students work hard to make sure we have a safe learning environment. To achieve that, it must be a place where every individual is accepted. We regularly work to improve in this area, and it directly aligns with our goal of 100% of our students feeling connected to a staff member.

As for our Health and Safety score, this starts with our nursing and facilities staff, who work tirelessly to create a safe environment. Through the pandemic, this work has become even more critical than in the past. We owe this rating to them. But we also owe this rating to our school board for providing guidance and our staff, parents, and students for supporting implementation.

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Hello. I'm Matt, and I'm new around here. Kind of.

I am the new Media and Communication Coordinator. I taught Computer Tech and Video Production for the past few years. It was awesome. I will definitely miss working with students in the classroom, but I am looking forward to growing the Student Creator Initiative and making stuff for the community together.

I have a lot to learn about my new role, but my objectives are clear: I want to help make students, parents, teachers, and the whole AGCS community feel more connected and informed about what's happening at our school. I want to take photos, make videos, and put together things like this newsletter, and I want to get students involved at every step.

If you would like to get in touch, send me an email or a text. I'll leave my number below.