by jarred ruthesell


Today in the world they have separation of social classes were if your not good looking or have a good personalities then your not cool or popular and they judge you on how you look not on who you are.

Society has different classes the lower class and that shows it in the novel because the pigs think they have all of the power of the Animal farm and they separate all of the animals in classes to see if they are important or not for example the lambs aren't important but the dogs are because they can do better things than the lambs.

My theme shows how society is today is by how people now a days separate from each other by having different levels like being popular or being nerds. to be popular you usually have to be good looking or athletic and people don't look at who you are more at what you can do or what you look like.

The solution to this is that people can stop looking at what you have or what you look like and more what you like to do and what your personality is because that's what really matters instead being popular.

seperation of classes

she is being separated or being put out because now a days being have different class you can be in like popular , being ok or being weird and left out
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The events in the novel that show what is going on in this world is that people can be left out or not belong in the society because people have decided to put people in different social classes and that really shows in the novel by the pigs making them the rulers or the bosses and making the rest of the animals just be the regular working animals and they don't get any power because they are in a different social class.