Chief Bowels & Indian Relations

By: Bailee, Lauryn, & Michelle

Mixed Feelings About Indians

After the Texas Revolution, the government had a treaty that would make peace between the Indians and Sam Houston. Sam Houston wanted to make peace because he liked the Indians and grew up with them.

Sam Houston negotiated a treaty with Bowles and guaranteed that they would land in East Texas. After the Texas Revolution, Lamar said they wouldn't honor the treaty.

Cheif Bowels was on the Mexicans side trying to help them invade Texas. Lamar was president and he ordered Cheif Bowels and his men to leave Texas. Bowels tried to negotiate, but it failed. On July 16, 1839 Cheif Bowels was killed in the Battle of Neches.

Summer 1838 a group of Nachodoches Indians discovered a plot rebelion against the new republic of Texas called the Cordova Rebellion.

It made a huge imapact on Texas because when Cheif Bowels was killed it made Indian relations even worse.