BHC Library Lessons

September 2015

Digital Citizenship Videos

All classes will be shown the district required Digital Citizenship videos during library lessons. Students have to promise to follow the LISD AUG (Acceptable Use guidelines).These videos cover things like protecting your UN & PW, why it is not okay to share your personal info. online. Also, cyber bullying and "Treating Others the Way You Want To Be Treated" is covered in the intermediate grades.

Classroom teachers are required to sign a Google document to report that their class has indeed watched the required videos. Ms. Rausch will be asking you to sign. Click here to check out the links to the required videos for your viewing pleasure. :-)

Teacher Verification Form Sign this Google doc.

The following are being taught & practiced in Intermediate Library lessons.

Using your Google student login & acct.

How the library Nonfiction is grouped into Dewey Decial groups, what's in each section.

Using your student ID# for student's library acct., student's computer acct., and student's lunch acct.

How to search the Destiny Library catalog.

Using Destiny Quest to record books read, record books you want to read, books recommendations to friends.

TX Bluebonnet Master List (20 books & state wide reading contest).

The following are being taught & practiced in 1st - 2nd grade Library lessons.

How to search the Destiny Library catalog.

How to take care of library books.

What are the following story elements in a story:

Characters, Setting, Problem/Solution (Happy, Sad, Surprise Endings)

Library is using Remind to get Library Books Back to school

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Red Color Day How To's
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