Do I fit in with AVID

Isaac Juarez grd.7 per.2

How did I grow as a student this semester?

I couldn't really tel how i grew i mean sometimes i noticed i did and sometimes i didn't. One of the ways I've noticed I've grown is that I used to never be able to get good grades, but since I've grown in AVID I can finally get good grades. If I keep staying in AVID I think I can finish collage and get a good job.
I've especially have grown in taking my Cornell-Notes, my Cornell- Notes used to be horrible, but now they look very good well better then they used to be. Whats makes them even better is that we HD them, and what that means is another word for that is make them better. What we do is write huge ? marks and highlight the important stuff, we also write big !. Avid has most likely helped me organize my Cornell-Notes.
TRF's have made me grown to there supposed to be made to to help you explain what you are having trouble with, because if we didn't have TRF's we would be a little shaky on explaining quiz's, test, and homework. We take TRFs as a grade every tuesday and wednsday if you don't finish the TRFs at home or never do it you wil sit ouside the classroom and finish your TRF.
I've also grown in my binder when i joined AVID the first thing I wanted to learn about was keeping my binder clean. Ever since that day my binder hasn't bin more cleaner. Last year my binder was always dirty, so I made a promise to myself that in the 7th grade my binder would be clean I kept my promise my binder is clean and will stay clean.

Tell how some of these AVID strategies helped you.

These AVID strategies have helped me definitely in school. An AVID strategy that has really helped me is the public speaking. I know some people thunk it's hard, but it's really not they think it's hard because they can never do it. i don't my tip to however many amount of people who read this is that the best thing to do is never look in peoples eye, because that's when you start to think "do I look weird, I wonder If I wore the right clothes" all they do is make negative thoughts about themselves.
An other way that AVID strategies have helped me is on homework. Most of the time we will just get a paper of homework and people don't think that it's that bad but what about when you get that one paper from almost every class. Well AVID has helped me do homework like explain the homework or get of the habits of playing video games, and stuff like that.
Another AVID strategy is always do your homework and turn it in that is my number one rule to myself. If i know I have homework and I don't do it i feel really bad because i know I could bring grade up if I do that homework. That is my number one pet peeve for myself is homework that is a good strategy is to always always do your homework.If you do your homework you won't have that much if you constintly do it once you get your homework then you'll have less and less homework to do at the same time.
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