Rose Bush- Michele Jaffe

Lesia Robinson

Book Review by Lesia Robinson

Found under a rosebush dying after a mysterious accident, Jane wakes up in a hospital with no recollection, or memories of anything, and she struggles to piece things together. Was it her popular friends who mysteriously accepted her with no reason or cause only after kicking their old friend out? Or maybe her new boyfriend, David who has gotten really aggressive and manipulative? Her being the popular girl she has many "friends" to choose from yet no one will believe anything more than "it was an accident. Will they try again? And will she find out who in time?

I can relate to Jane by her feeling of paranoia. When I can't understand something someone did or the pieces of their story isn't piecing together I get cautious. She has many friends with the same story with so many different add on parts that it's hard to find the lie in the truth. So she's cautious of who she listens to as everyone just calls her paranoid, but is she? Am I?

I really enjoyed this book, the first chapter caught my attention. I don't have a favorite part in the book, i enjoyed the book as a whole. I did have a least favorite part though. I did not like how everyone just dismissed her suspicions.. I would not change anything about this book!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense but have the patience to wait for the answer.