Sparta And Athens: Powerful Cities!

Learn About The Mighty Spartans Or The Wise Athenians!

Athens Fact 1.

At first, Athens was an oligarchy, (a government run by a few people), just like Sparta. Athens was then turned into a democracy (a government run by it's citizens). The man credited with this bold change was Cleisthenes. It was bold because if you change your government, some people may not agree with you, and that can cause chaos!

Athens Fact 2.

Did you know that artists, philosophers, and writers traveled across lands to settle in Athens, just to work in freedom? Talk about dedication!

Athens Fact 3.

Members of the council were chosen each year by having their names drawn during the lottery. The Athenians thought that this was fairer than an election because than there would be no debates or fighting, it was just pure luck. Also, this saved many people, rich and poor, lots of money.

Athens And Sparta Similarities.

  • They both had councils of citizens.
  • They both believed in the Olympians (the Greek religion).
  • Males had the most rights.

Bonus Facts

Did you know...

  1. Boys (and a select few of rich girls) went to school and learned many subjects such as how to read, write, do science, do math, play sports, sing, and to play the lyre.
  2. A playwright festival in Athens (for Dionysus) was where many famous Greek scripts made history (with authors such as Sophokles, Euripides, and Aristophanes).
  3. Sparta and Athens were close by, only a two day trip away.
  4. Spartans were forced to leave home at age 7 to train for military. At age 20 they were recruited for the official army. At age 30 they could leave the barracks. And at age 60 they could retire from the military and become a member of the council.
  5. Spartans ate a food called "black broth" which was boiled pork in animal blood with salt and vinegar.

Athens And Sparta Differences.

  • Sparta was an oligarchy, whereas Athens was a democracy.
  • Sparta focused on military and keeping control, whereas Athens focused on knowledge and advancements in many things.
  • Women had more rights in Sparta then Athens.

Sparta Fact 1.

Before it was centered around military and war, Sparta was a crafty city, creating beautiful objects made of bronze and ivory and writing divine poetry. This was confirmed when archaeologists discovered objects from this era, in the same location as well.

Sparta Fact 2.

The war between the Greeks and the Persians only lasted a year (480-479 B.C)! This was because the Spartans fought with brutality and never gave up, even if it meant giving their lives!

Sparta Fact 3.

Sparta was originally land that the Dorians settled into during the Dark Ages. The Dorians brought with them iron weapons, which were stronger and cheaper than bronze tools. This resulted in Sparta becoming a strong and ferocious government, conquering and enslaving neighboring countries.