The Maryland Executive Branches

Liam Vanderbroght

Executive power

the executive power of the united states lies with the president. The current president of the United States is Barack Obama.

The main function of the executive branch is to create laws within the federal government. Such as:

The president has many roles.

-Chief of State

-Chief Executive

-Chief Administrator

-Chief Diplomat

-Commander in Chief

-Chief legislator

-Party Chief

-Chief Citizen

The departments that make up the presidents cabin consist of these departments:


-Secretaries of Agriculture





-Health and Human Services

-Homeland Security

-Housing and Urban Development


-Veterans affairs





Larry Hogan holds the power of the executive branch in Maryland because he holds the role of governor.

The executive branch of the State of Maryland creates and enforces laws that are immediate in Maryland.

The Governors Jobs/Roles:

-Legislature Negotiator

-Political Party Leader

-State Spokesperson


Departments of Governors Executive Council

-Chief Executive

-Head of State

-Chief Legislator

-Economic Planner

-Party Leader

-Chief Diplomat

-Commander in Chief

The executive power of the Governor and president are very similar. They include similar roles, and have similar council members. The only difference is that the president manages every state, and the governor only one state.