Traveling to Brazil

By Brandon Striegel

About Us

We are a foreign exchange program that helps students travel to other foreign countries. Our goal is to provide fun traveling experiences, that are also safe and educational. We first provide students and their families with information on foreign countries and their exchange programs. This flyer is about traveling to Brazil. We hope you enjoy this information, and your trip.

Facts about Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America.

The capital city of Brazil is Brasillia

The main language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese

The most popular sport is football (Soccer).

The money currency in Brazil is the Real.

Climate and Geography

Brazil covers a total of three time zones and is the fifth largest country in the world. The amazon river, which is the second longest in the world, flows through Brazil. Brazil has a variety of landscapes, including, wetlands, a long coast line, and has the world's largest jungle,the amazon. Brazil is known as a tropical humid country.

Holidays in Brazil

  • Independance day is celebrated on september 7th. It celebrates Brazill's independence from portugal.
  • Our lady of Aparecida celebrates the virgin mary who is a patrid st. of Brazil.
  • All souls day is november second. Is a Christuan hoiday celebrating the faithful departed, compared to halloween in the U.S.
  • Republic day commemorates the end of the empire of Brazil, & is on November 15th.

Foods in Brazil

There are many different and popular foods ranging from Indian food to German food to Italian influenced foods. People from Brazil liked to eat foods that they can find in their country, specially nuts & fruits collected from the amazon. Food in Brazil can some what be broken up by regions. In the northern region,there is a mix of Portuguese and Indian foods. These foods include spices, root vegetables, and fish. Food in the southern region is influenced by German and Italian cuisine, and includes leafy vegetables, stews and meals with rice.

Compatability with the United States

I give Brazil and the United States a compatibility score of a C-.

Both climates are very different, and the United States does not have a giant rain forest like Brazil. They also have different money currencies, the Real and the Dollar. One thing they do have in common is both country's foods are influenced from all over the world.