Owl Dynasty

April 2014

What a First Quarter of the Year!!

Yay-What a way to start off the year with your businesses ladies!

I am proud of the sales and team building going on and can't wait to see what happens over the next few months! I am so excited (and a bit jealous I must add!!) of the new 30-60-90 promotions for new designer! Please encourage and help your team SOAR to Success!!

Hoot Hoot--and whooo isn't driven or determined with the new Movin on Up promotions for Senior Team Leader or Executive Team Leader---it is do-able ladies!

Wow--I love all the energy from the Nest and hope you are feeling it too!

As always please let me know how I can help you with your business!!I

If you need either flyer let me know and I will email it to you! (I'm not smart enough to figure out how to attach it lol!)

Top Sales Recognition:

We had a remarkable month....here are March 2014 top ten in personal sales (PV):

1 Amy/Baylee Eastes $2622.05

2 Diane Sheward $2123.40

3 Carolyn Garnes $1385.10

4 Marcy Boyd $ 1324.65

5 Tamara Cook $1295.50

6 Kim Monroe $1015.00

7 Georgene Bosich $ 991.30

8 Carolynn Bostic $814.40

9 Stephanie Heiner $718.30

10 Delight Ward $644.50

We had several others in the $500+ club:

Brittany Hipes

Kelly Pack

Sondra Sheward

Stephanie Morrow

Kathy Bennington

Maureen Simon

Elena Cullom

Happy to see some familiar names on the list but glad there are some new ones one too!

Team Building

We added FIVE team member in the month of January....welcome Kinsi Caskey, Sara Ann Senn, Brittany Hipes, Kendra Askew, and Laura Rogers!

Congratulations to mentors Stephanie Heiner, myself, and Tamara Cook (x3 she just joined in Feb and is on her way to an iPad and the nifty fifty itunes bonus from me!)

Online team meetings/trainings

I am going to be doing a Facebook Training/Team Meeting sometime in May or June (as school winds down it will hopefully be easier).

In April we will be having a team meeting on Wednesday the 16th from 6-8ish at Werner's BBQ (11396 Allen Road) by the Outlet Mall. Bring money for supper--yum! I really hope to have good attendance--trying a new location and will try to move our meetings around to different places if you will attend!!!

And last but not least.....the winners are:

#1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 (earning the 31 bag and goodies):

Diane Sheward

Stephanie Heiner

Tamara Cook

Amy Eastes

Carolynn Bostic

#6 and #7 (earning the canvas O2 bag and goodies):

Kim Monroe

Carolyn Garnes

#8, #9, and #10 (earning the gift bags and goodies);

Buffy Wyckoff

Delight Ward

Rebecca Paciorek

*Congrats Ladies!! Hope everyone enjoyed the points game for first quarter. I will be sending items out this week--or will bring to the team meeting next week!!