The Book Theif

By Markus Zusak

The Summary

A girl, some words, an accordionist, a Jewish fist fighter, thievery, and fanatical Germans. These few words are what make up this story. It all begins with a child no older than twelve. Her name you might ask is Liesel Meminger. With her is her brother and mother on a train. Soon after some important events take place Liesel is standing by her brothers grave. Not too long after she arrives at her new home and meets three extraordinary people. Hans Hubberman, her foster father and an accordionist. Rosa Hubberman, a kind, rough, loud woman who make awful pea soup. Rudy Steiner a loyal trouble maker of a friend. With these new friends and family she is headed down a long journey. Yes it may be cold dark, and full of misery but there are times where light is in an arms reach and all will me well. Death and mixed fates are how this story will end.

Some Facts

1) Jews were publicly humiliated and treated like the lowest of animals.

2) Young boys were expected to go to Hitler Youth. (A special schools)

3) If you were caught hiding a Jew you would be killed or taken away.

Who Would Want to Read this Book?

Anybody who does not like to read paragraphs of facts should read this book. Anybody who likes dark humor should read this book.

Rating: 5

Genre: Historical Fiction