Imagining the best learning space

How to reimagine learning in an ever-changing world

The classrooms of the future

Our world is changing so fast. Technology seems to be improving faster than we can keep up with. Our children must know how to adapt to such a world. We can do this by changing the way we educate by incorporating these many new technologies in the way that we teach. Below we have many resources and examples of new technologies that can help improve your classroom and help students to learn in a technologically savvy world.

Two Future Teacher's Plan to Have a Technologically Updated Classroom

Our names are Bailey Liberty and Allie Fehr and we are aspiring teachers currently attending Kansas State University. We have put much though lately into how we will incorporate all the new technologies into our classroom. We both are in a technology class that has got our minds turning about technology in the classrooms. We both agree that teaching children how to be ready for their future definitely includes exposing them to as many new technologies and innovations that we can. One technology we both plan on using ( if available) is the SmartBoard. This interactive board is great for the younger ages which we both plan on teaching. Also, the use of tablets and ebooks is a great way to share information with the children. Children can spend less money on books and store them all in one place. Overall, we hope to instill in our students an education of technology that will prepare them for their future.

Future Education and Technology Resources: