Welcome to BIT 117

Collaborative Web-Based Workspaces

Learn to work with others more efficiently online.

In this class we learned to work with others in a much more efficient manner. We used important Microsoft business tools such as: Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and Lync.

About BIT 117

Students will be able to:

  • Collaborate effectively with others in workspaces.

  • Create libraries to manage information appropriately and effectively with forms, wikis, blogs, pictures, and documents.

  • Apply strategies for creating, managing, and storing data on collaborative Web sites.

  • Create workspace pages and sites to solve specific business problems.

  • Design and manage discussion boards.

  • Track calendars and project plans by task.

  • Create and apply strategies to enhance online discussions.

  • Create and use images to enhance worksites.

  • Design and distribute surveys, collect results, and present results effectively on a workspace.

  • Apply tools to manage workflow.

  • Create forms to gather information and present it.

  • Identify effective use of workspaces and ineffective workspace practices and create solutions that enhance team productivity.

  • Import items from other programs to a collaborative Web site to integrate applications and create efficient workflows.

Some of the Work We've Done

Air Zematt Case Study

Air Zermatt was looking for a better way to meet safety and regulatory mandates. For years, Air Zermatt was relying on paper based systems that were time consuming and difficult. The solution was Office 365. Switching to Office 365 immediately made an impact on Air Zermatt’s business. Office 365 contained two major features that the company was looking for: ease of use and scalability for future growth. Office 365 allows the system to grow with the company as needed. Air Zermatt estimates that by adding Office 365 allowed the company to save approximately $200,000 annually. The service also saved employees about five hours a week due to the ease of obtaining documents through the cloud. Overall, Office 365 seems like the perfect solution for Air Zermatt’s needs. The company is able to improve its technological needs and save money in the process as well.

Subaru Canada Case Study

Subaru Canada used Lync in order to improve communications throughout the company. Before migrating to Lync the company was reaching the limits of its PBX. These limitations were causing problems within the company. Lync allowed all communication options to be unified. Now, everyone had a clear line of communication regardless of the hardware they were running. Lync had enough capabilities to completely retire their PBX system. Lync also enabled their IT department to become more productive. Now, the IT department could spend more time on improving efficiency and customer service, all while spending less. Lync allowed Subaru Canada to save money by avoiding the purchase of dedicated servers, cooling, space, and other items necessary to run their own information system. Overall, the introduction of Lync to Subaru Canada has resulted in a much more efficient company with greater customer service.