By: Jacqui Gawlowicz

What is Courage?

Courage comes in two ways: moral and physical. Moral is when you stand up for what is right or what you believe in. Physical is when you feel fear and use that and make it work for you. In a way, fear is fuel for courage and this leads to action.


Leaders come in all shapes in sizes, but they all share one attribute: Courage. Here is a list of leaders who exemplify this trait:

  • Susan B. Anthony - She is one of the leaders who led the Women's Rights Movement. She had courage because she stood up against the norm of men having all rights and power while women were suppressed and weren't able to fully have equality.
  • George Washington - Not only was he the first president of the United States, he also spent some time as a leader on the battlefield. He had courage to fight during war and had courage to become the first president -- something that had never happened before, during that time.
  • Caitlin Jenner - Caitlin is a transgender woman who had the courage to completely become who she truly wanted to be. Although many are against this type of change, she does not care because she is happy with her decision. With this change, many people have gained more confidence with making a similar decision. Her courage is unforgettable.
  • Soldiers - When will they come home? What conditions do they go through on a regular basis? These questions, we do not know the answer. They fight regardless, putting their lives on the line for their people and country. They have courage which causes a great impact on everyone.