Picture Preamble

By Casey Culver

Perfect Union

This picture relates to a perfect nation because its showing the constitution being signed by all the people that were a part of the government.This also relates to a perfect Nation because it was signed for our independence and our peace with other nations. Our perfect union is important with cooperation to keep peace with other nations.

To Establish Justice

This picture relates to justice because the presdient and the government would make justice to law's and make new members of government. The government also creates court systems.

Domestic tranquilly

This picture relates to domestic tranquilly because the US Constitution because everyone is created equal and nobody can take that away with your liberty and so that we can keep peace without war

To provide common defense

This picture related to common defense because guns in 1700's and 1800's were the basic common defense against the British army. without the maintained army lead by George Washington. America would a lot different than it is today and thats why we need

a maintained armed force.

To promote general warfare

This picture relates to general warfare because our army now compared to the revolution war because we have better technology so we can communicate out of the country. Along with a well being army.

To secure the blessing of liberty

This picture relates to the blessing of liberty because in the constitution it talks and or explains the blessings of liberty and that americans have basic rights.