The Body of Christopher Creed

Rickey's blog/vlog Assignment

Blog/Vlog Post Guidelines

Throughout the reading of The Body of Christopher Creed, I will be assigning students to post a combination of three blogs/vlogs. You will create a smore account and design a set-up like the one you see below.

Rules for blogs (Note-everyone/team will complete a minimum of ONE blog):
  • Minimum 300 words
  • Must be accompanied by a picture that includes a short commentary about that picture

Rules for vlogs (Note-everyone/team will complete a minimum of ONE vlog):

  • Minimum one minute

When the assignment is due, you will upload your link to Canvas so that I can access your entry and score it.

Blog-post #1

Note: I created this box by clicking on the "Text" button below.

For your first blog-post, please follow the directions below:

Get into small groups and create a list of labels within your own culture. Discuss why we label people and what effect it might have on both the person giving the label as well as the person receiving the label. Compare their labels to ones put on the characters in the book. How similar are they? How different?

After the group discussion is finished, please post your first blog indicating what you have taken away from your group discussion. Remember, your entry could be either a blog or a vlog.

Your score will be based on the first six traits of the 6+1 rubric.