Cool Coral Reefs

by Ben

Endangered Reefs

Coral reefs are endangered. One reason is dynamite and poison, which some fisherman use to stun fish and explode reefs to sell them. Another reason is because of water pollution. Lastly, some of it is because of storm damage. We can help save coral reefs by doing the opposite things that were on here.

How Reefs Get Their Color

Have you ever wondered how coral reefs get there color? One reason is zooxanthella, which is algae. Another reason is environmental conditions. Lastly, one reason is because of sunlight. If you want to learn more about how coral reefs get there color, go to NOAA coral reefs.
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Why Do So Many Fish Live In Coral Reefs?

A lot of fish live in coral reefs. There are a lot of places to live. Also, there's a lot of of food there. Lastly, 25% of marine animals live there because there are a lot of things that they need there. A coral reef is a sea animal's habitat.
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How Old Are Coral Reefs?

Have you ever wondered how old coral reefs are? Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is over 18,000 years old? The minimum age of a coral reef is 250 years old. Lastly, they've been here since the beginning of time. When a coral dies another one builds on top of its skeleton.
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Soft Coral vs. Hard Coral

Hard coral and soft coral are very different. Hard corals don't like to live in groups. Only hard coral can build reefs because they have a different chemical in them. Also, if they weren't alive, there wouldn't be coral reefs. I think hard coral is the most important coral.
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  1. Endangered-Very few
  2. Dynamite-Things that blow up
  3. Damage-Broken
  4. Zooxanthellae-Algae
  5. Habitat-Home
  6. Barrier-Coral reef