tissue culturing

By: Tyler and Matthew P.

What is tissue culturing?

Tissue culture is a process that involves exposing plant tissue to a specific regiment or nutrients, hormones, and light under sterile glass cases to produce many more plants. Each plant is an exact copy of the origin point or the mother plant.

Jobs in tissue culturing.


lab technicians



Lab-Grown 3-D Brain Tissue Mimics Cortex

In 2014 scientists used the cortical neurons and put them into silk scaffolds (or a temporary place to store. Then after they've done this they create a 3-D doughnut shaped structure. "This work is an exceptional feat" said Rosemarie Hunziker. The project was done so we could have a better understanding of the brain physiology.

Ethical Issues

Some pros to culture tissue are cloning plants that are resistant to some wide spread diseases, then by doing this it also gets you to use less pesticides and herbicides. Some cons to tissue culture are if you have an abundance of one type of plant and one gets infected with something then it could spread through the fields like wildfire.
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