To show how important best friends are.


Her name is Stargirl. She is new in the school.Stargirl has a crush on Leo a guy in the school.And h does not ever realize that he has a crush on Stargirl.But she seems to start to notice.

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My favorit part of the book was when they went to ocotilo ball and Leo was to afraid to go.

figurative laungage

stronge verbs

But kevin was screaming on th phone.   page 22 I bolted from the truck. page 22I threw the 2 dollar admition at the wingdaow and raced to the field   page 22   . I jumped into the family pickup ans raced to the statium . page 22What do u like i mean. page 34.

summerize dtory in 1, 2 paragraphs

This story is about a  girl. She is new in the school. We found out later in the book that stargirl and Leo start to like each other .Later they start to hang out they  kiss. She moves to minnestota and they still write  to eachother.


pg22  pg34  google imiges  page 54