Technology Rules For Parents

By Harshveer

Rule 1

Don't drive while texting because it can be dangerous
Dont get Caught Texting & Driving

Rule 2

Don't talk on the phone while driving but if emergency put on Bluetooth

Rule 3

When mad on the computer don't go to someone website and post bad things

Rule 4

No swearing or saying bad things on the phone or internet because it can cause trouble

Rule 5

No photos on the internet because people can know you
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Rule 6

Watch T.V NO more then 2 and a half hour because your eye starts hurting

Rule 7

No computer after 12 because it's night time

Rule 8

Don't put private information because your life can be spied be a stoker

Rule 9

When on device turn off when done

Rule 10

Don't click on pop ups because virus could comeone

Rule 11

Do not add random people on any social network