Science summer fun

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Fun summer

I went to six flags with my friend maddi, her mom, her moms boyfriend, and her two little sisters. I went around June 17 2015, it was just a fun family vacation away from the house. Six flags is right outside of Chicago and it takes two to three hours from Green Bay. We drive and it took two to three hours from Green Bay. I went Bc she invited me to six flags cause she knows I like roller coasters.

Look at me

How it connects to science

It connects to science with gravity it keeps the ride on the tracts and pulls you down the hill.

Gravity- is a force that pulls things towards the earth

I wonder

Will the roller coaster ever go off the tracks?

What's the fastest speed a roller coaster can go?

How high can a roller coaster go up into the sky?

Do all roller coasters need seat belts?