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Parallel Run of Science and Music

Science is a rational subjects that is totally embedded with reasons. Everything that is explained with proper reasons and calculative derivations is said to be in the shadows of science. Machines are the main pillars of science. Simply if we start from the scratch then we will see that before using calculators for calculation man has started using fingers, toes and little marks on clay tablets to calculate. This proves the creativity of human beings. If someone exclaim es that computer science and music has no connection he will be utterly proved wrong.

Computer science

The practical approach to scientific computation and its applications are known to be computer science. The feasibility, structure and the systematic study of those machines that are involved in the process of computing data in a faster way. If we look into the history of computer science then we will get to see that it began long before of that of twentieth century. It was a punched progression of mechanism and mathematical derivations.


Music is the shadow picture of culture and practices. Even the most isolated tribal groups of remote places posses certain music trend of their own. Although computer science and music technically do not form any connection but has got many threads of connection if we see it in this 21st century.

Music is opted by most of the people today. Computers have become a bright media of music spread. It is by the technology of computer science that music has got a wide break on to the market. Previously people used to purchase floppy, CD and DVD that needed computer assistance to be run. Further out here in the 21st century people are mostly dependent on Internet. This is the virtual world where you can unlimited list of music all according to your choice. This is where you get to see the relation between computer science and music. It is very often that some times music files are accompanied with videos that are eye catchy and serve as important entertaining agent. So music is not only an eccentric topic where it has no bonds with that of science and media. Life is busy and a schedule to run faster and faster. So people are more dependent on computer science to be the source of music. This is so because it is not only fast but also brings about good quality stand of the music. Online music stores are better place where you get more flourishing collection of music just according to your choice and in no time.