Congratulations to our seniors on their last week of classes! We are so proud of their accomplishments and although this week may look different than it normally would, we celebrate their perseverance and enthusiasm during this challenging time. How are all of you doing? We hope that you are taking time to ask yourself:

  • What am I grateful for today?

  • How will I move today?

  • Who can I help/check on today?

  • How will I get outside today?

  • What’s a nice thing I’ll do for myself today?

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Last Newsletter you began to work on your Common App. Click below to review those steps! Then, watch the videos to continue to edit your Common App!


Common App will Rollover in the summer. Click on the Common App logo to watch the video and learn about the rollover process.

What does rollover mean? Rollover means that SOME of your information in the Common App will be saved and can be used for the next year, while other information is deleted. Please watch the video above and see the comments below to make sure you are not inputting information that will be deleted in the rollover!

What will rollover? - Any questions in the common app tab, your My Colleges list.

What will NOT rollover? - College specific questions

Our suggestion: Type up any college specific questions into a google doc to save for later! Just make sure you upload them to your Common App once the account has rolled over.

The Writing Section

Click on the image for the Courses & Grades Section:

**Leave Courses and Grades section BLANK if your college does not require it**

Click on the image to navigate the My Colleges Tab:

College Essay Discussion: 5/27 @ 12:00! Link will be sent out soon!

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Click Here For Peloton 30 day free trial!

*Use the app for Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, Running, Cycling, Cycling, Bootcamp and Walking!*


Fun College Traditions!

North Carolina State University's Krispy Kreme Challenge blends doughnuts, exercise, and charity to create an exciting campus tradition. The challenge began as a simple dare between students and then turned into a large fundraising event. To complete the challenge, participants must run 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store, eat a dozen donuts, and run back to campus in under an hour. The first Krispy Kreme Challenge took place in 2004! Recently, runners had raised around $1 million through the event. All the profits go to the North Carolina Children's Hospital, and around 10,000 runners take part in the event each year.

This campus tradition has inspired other doughnut-themed races at colleges across the country. Students at the University of Kansas, Florida State University, the University of Kentucky, and the University of North Carolina have all established similar races at their schools.