Brown Middle School News

By: Rainy Pullen


One day, Sam hacks into telercomerica and shuts off some country's power and orders some new electronic devices for him and his friend Fargas. Soon after that he tries to hack into the white houses network system and he is successful. The FBI show up at Sam's door and arrest him in juvenile he meets a friend named Kiwi who helps him pull of his escape. When he escapes a taxi driver who is also an undercover agent for the FBI takes him to where the FBI agents work. Sam then meets some of the FBI agents that he had already met when they were undercover, kiwi was one of them. Jaggard asks Sam if Sam wanted a job there and if he said yes he would have some of his probation time taken off. Sam takes the job. One day someone hacks into the network and changes all the password on the doors and stuff so that they couldn't leave. Someone takes over a planes controls and tries to fly it into the building but, the pilot gains control back and goes over the building. Sam and Dodge go to Chicago to track the hacker but when they get there everyone's knocked out. Soon after, everyone starts accusing Sam and Dodge of going into the swamp witches swamp but, Sam and Dodge didn't do anything. Nobody was believing Sam and dodge was like brain dead he couldn't do anything but, he knew what you were saying. Sam takes Dodge and escapes the CDd but a guy named Tyler was searching for them. Sam sees Vienna come through a door and tells her to help get dodge to the van. She sees how bad of a shape he's in so she helps and drives the van while Sam tells her everything that was going on. They realize Tyler is after them so they go to the mall and loose them. The kidnapp one of the giys that work with Tyler and take him with them to try and get Tyler too. Sam, Vienna, and, Dodge believe it's the Nuero headset that is brainwashing everyone into believing certain things the headset instructor is named Ursula. After they get Tyler they head to Cheyenne Mountain. when they make it to Cheyenne mountain Dodge uploads the virus into the computer. Dodge dies from getting too much info. at the moment. Sam tried to enter the neuro world too and the same thing happened to him..

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Advice Column

Dear Carolyn,

Hi, I'm Sam I have a problem. Everyone thinks that me and dodge are the ones who hacked into the network the other day and, I have no idea to to prove that we didn't.

Please help-worried kid.

Dear worried kid,

You should tell them you did not do it and if they don't believe you again find the person who did it and show them that it was not you. If they still don't believe you get the real hacker to admit it.



Jill056:This movie was a good movie everyone should definitely watch it..

Bob0558: I hated this movie it was so boring I wouldn't see it again.

Sally7654: I could hardly keep up it was so confusing.


R.I.P. Fargas (loving friend and son)

Fargas's Health got very bad from Fargas constantly playing a video game. He will be missed very much by many people. He was Sam's bestfriend and Sam will also miss him very much.