Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * October 12, 2015


This week, we will continue to explore the theme “Neighborhood Visit". Throughout our first unit, we are learning about different kinds of communities and the families who live there. This week, we meet Camila in the informational text My Family. Camila is a real girl who shares special times and happy celebrations with her family. We will also read Family Poems, poetry about families. As we read, we will be exploring answers to the question “How are families alike and different?”

Target Vocabulary: remembered, porch, crown, spend, stuck, visit, cousin, piano

Phonics Skills: Words with short o, u, e; CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) syllable pattern; mit/ten – CVC = the vowel makes a short sound

Vocabulary Strategy: Using a Glossary

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast using a Venn diagram

Comprehension Strategy: Questioning

Our classroom continues to build momentum each day. Our Guided Reading groups are becoming an important routine. The students are reading various stories and practicing the use of strategies that are on our CAFÉ Menu. Before, during and after reading, each student will participate in activities and assignments to help extend the lessons that have been taught during our whole class mini-lessons. Some evenings, your child may bring home the book they read during their reading group. Encourage your child to reread the story, verbally summarize and discuss the book. All extension activities for the books will be completed during the school day.

With our focus back to Narrative Writing, the students have introduced to several ways to make a positive first impression, or lead, using dialogue, actions, questions, thoughts, thoughts & feelings, and sound effects (onomatopoeia). The students will practice writing a memorable introduction Monday night for homework.

The students will then learn how to elaborate on their stories using details. They will answer a list of questions about a character or object. The students will use those answers to add interesting ideas or opinions to describe an object or location. Another important skill is the ability to "show" what a character is thinking or feeling. By creating a chart describing different emotions, the students will have a bank of words to better describe their characters.

Global Read Aloud

I hope your Second Grader has told you a little bit about our first Skype session with our Global Read Aloud friends. They live on the same continent as us, North America, but in a different country! They are from Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. They are reading The Year of Billy Miller with their teacher, Mrs. Gajewski (Guy-jeff-ski). We have learned some things about them and where they live. We are looking forward to Skyping with on Thursdays at 2:40 to Billy Miller and everything that is happening in the story.


Your child's Unit 1 Math Test will be coming home on Friday. Please be sure to read the cover letter that explains the break-down of the scores. After it has been reviewed, please sign and return it to school.

Lesson 2-1: Grouping by 10's
  • Count bills in $1, $10, $100
  • Make exchanges with $1, $10, $100
  • Find the total value of combinations of bills $1, $10, $100
  • Play "The Exchange Game"
  • Vocabulary: total, trade

Lesson 2-2: Addition Number Stories

  • Solve addition facts with sums to 10
  • Solve addition number stories
  • Understand the how to use unit boxes and number models
  • Create addition number stories and represent them with unit boxes and number models
  • Write and solve number stories about a picture
  • Fill in missing numbers on a number grid
  • Vocabulary: addition number story, unit box, label, number model
Lesson 2-3: Doubles and Combinations of 10
  • Solve number stories
  • Examine blank double ten frame
  • Explore strategies for finding the total number of dots shown on double ten frames
  • Sort facts into two groups; doubles and combinations of 10
  • Vocabulary: doubles, combinations of 10, doubles fact, number sentence, sum
Lesson 2-4: The Making 10 Strategy
  • Solve double ten frames
  • Generate combinations of 10
  • Use the making-10 strategy to help determine the number of dots in ten frames
  • Apply the making-10 strategy to facts
  • Practice counting on the number grid
  • Vocabulary: addend, making 10, helper fact

Character Counts and Social Studies

Respect or Disrespect? On Monday, the students will work in pairs and take turns reading various scenarios. As a class, we will discuss whether the behavior and actions demonstrate respect or disrespect.

This week marks the beginning of Unit 2 "Our Government." The students will discuss the need for cooperation among citizens and begin to develop an understanding of the role a government has within a community. The concept of laws will be introduced and importance of consequences for disobeying laws. Later in the week, we will focus on different ways people who lived long ago became leaders and compare them to ways people become leaders in America today. Finally, 2R will practice their problem solving skills. A Problem will be defined as "something that is difficult to understand or resolve". The students will observe how citizens in a community work together to find answers to problems. Finally, 2R will begin the process of voting its own student leaders. Interested students will be given a chance to create a poster explaining why they believe they would make a responsible class leader. Next week, after sharing the posters, the students of 2R will participate in a class election. They will vote for a class leader. During the process, they will use ballots, count the votes and learn the meaning of “majority rule”. Good luck to all of students who volunteer to be Candidates. After our election, we will continue to talk about government and compare the levels of government at the community, state and federal level.


* Remember to sign into SeeSaw to see some of your child's learning
* October 13th - Picture Day
* October 14th - Last Day of Camp Creek Run Spirit Day Permission Slips
Student Council Crazy Sock Day & Pretzel Sale
* October 15th - Half Day (this is a correction from last week) - Teacher In-service- bring a snack
* October 20th - PTA Meeting
* October 22nd - Scholastic Book orders due