American Customs

By Gordon Garris

The Superboowl

The Superbowl is a true American custom celebrated by millions of Americans. It happens once a year near the beginning of February. A lot of hype comes on Superbowl Sunday along with bar gatherings, tailgates and parties. It is also a great day to indulge in junk food- 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with 8 million pounds of guacamole. Regardless of your favorite team or if you even like football, the Superbowl is the game to watch. Another favorite attribute about the Superbowl is the funny commercials. It is so highly watched that a commercial can cost several million dollars for a minute. It is so popular that 9 of 10 of the most watched television shows in history are Superbowls. To see it in person, and you are lucky enough to get a ticket, you can get one for $3000.

Super Bowl Commercials 2013 - Top 10