To provide action platform for youth to protect environment.

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MIRACLE is a project based on exchange(PboX) that was initiated by AIESEC Universiti Putra Malaysia in the year 2004. Project MIRACLE is a platform for encouraging and engaging the youth to contribute to the environment.

This project create environmental consciousness among Malaysian youth.

MIRACLE also create awareness of recycling which is essential in promoting a healthy lifestyle thus giving the future generation a better place to live. Moreover this project create better international and cultural understanding.

Role & Responsibilities:

1) Attend 2 days training workshop to be certified as International Peer Educator Ambassador on 28th & 29th March 2015.

2) Design & organize the campaign activities, sessions & content for outreach engagement.

3) Conduct & deliver C2P seminars to university & college students to raise the STIs awareness.

4) Interact with local students and sharing your entity culture to them.

5) Distribute & collect national youth survey to university students. Encourage them to complete the survey.

6) Sharing your STIs knowledge among university students.

MIRACLE Youth Conference

Saturday, May 30th, 8:30am to Sunday, May 31st, 6pm

Universiti Putra Malaysia Serdang Malaysia