Joaquín Bravo

Chad Pregracke

Chad Pregracke is an everyday hero because he has volunteered to clean up the Mississippi River and other American waterways. Since 1998, about 70,000 volunteers have helped Pregracke remove more than 7 million pounds of garbage from 22 rivers across the country.

Chad Pregracke works as a commercial shell diver for the cultured pearl industry. A typical working day for a diver means starting work at 11:00 a.m. and finishing at 6:00 p.m. A diver works in the sea.

At work, Chad has to dive and look for pearls in the cultured pearl industry. To be a diver you need these skills: responsibility, commitment and careful.

I would like to be a diver because it is very fun and you can see all the sea animals. I would prefer to be a soldier because they are very fit.

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