State Government Project

Chiamaka Ukoha


My local state representative is the lifelong republican Bennett Ratliff of District 115. The former graduate of the University of Texas, Bennett Ratliff, earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering and now owns a small business called Ratliff Group. He is currently living with his wife Beccy and 4 children, two boys and two girls. He has being living in the Coppell Residence for 17 years. Bennett is a recipient of the Young Engineer Award for Professional Achievement. Bennett has done a lot to help the community through being the former School Board VP, volunteering for disability groups, and even being an active Sponsor of local High School Solar Car Team and Engineering Academy. Being a republican he is a two-time Republican State Convention Delegate and all republican party activities.


Students attending CISD: 43,740 Students

Percent of district between ages 18-64: 67.8%

Occupation most worked: Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste mgmt.

-The state of Texas's most worked occupation is education services and health care and social assistance (21.2%).

Percent of district attaining college education: 25.9%

- Compared to the rest of the state (23.8%) it is a little higher.


Texas Department of Public Saftey

Mission: Protect and Serve Texas.

Main Function: Combat terrorism and crime, enhance public safety, and provide world-class service.

Impact: AMBER alerts can helps when it comes to missing children. Also the vehicle and traffic laws will allow the roads to have safe drivers only. The DPS also requires sex offenders to be registered so people will know who to be cautious of.

Jobs: The Regional Commander reports to the Deputy Director for Law Enforcement Operations and is responsible for the performance of all Department operations and programs in the assigned Region.The DL Customer Operations Sr manager organizes, coordinates, directs and supervises the regional managers of Customer Operations. Provides transformational leadership, direction and follow up. Lastly the Cheif Imformation Security officer develops, implements and monitors a strategic, comprehensive enterprise information security and risk management program.

News Article:

After the West plant explosion, Texas DPS sent Texas Rangers to preform a crimal probe on the explosion so an inccident like this can be prevented.


A bond is a formal debt instrument issued by a corporation or government and purchased by. By buying a bond you lend money to the organization who is providing the bonds and the company gives intrest payment to you to pay for the projects. In the CISD bond being passes I feel that we need the expansion of the school the most. With the amount of students attending the school increasing every year, the halls are getting more and more crowded so expanison would be benefitcal but a new elementary school is not nessesary. Coppell is already building many new bulidings and with the amount of elementary schools we already have and with the highschool expanding a new elementary school is not something that is a big need at the moment. Something that was left out was anything about food served in school concerning health. I feel that health is important in maintaining a good school district especially since Texas is one of the fattest states.

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