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Finding Best Treadmill For Your Buck

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It's time to start working off those extra pounds! What's the first step? Of course, it's choosing the machine that is going to help you most comfortably and most effectively take off the weight and make you feel healthy again. Choosing the best treadmill is step #1.

But, there are tons and tons out there, all advertising the same features and claiming to be the best for your money. How do you decide which model is the best one for you? Well, before you go checking out the fancy new features, consider a few things about your own exercise needs. You have to know what you're looking for before you can find it.

Here are some things to think about that will help you find the best treadmill for you.

How Much Space Do You Have?

How much room can you afford to give up to your exercising? Treadmills are big. You might end up with half your office taken up by your exercise machine. This will help remind you that you need to exercise, which is a good thing; but constantly having it in the way might be a problem.

There are two kinds of treadmills.

Nonfolding - These treadmills are about the size of a two-person couch. That could easily take up half a room. On the other hand, the garage might be a good place to do your exercising.

Folding - These treadmills fold up so that they don't take up as much space, but they will still be pretty big, even when folded. These models are about half their size when folded. You can also buy smaller treadmills, but they may not be as good for running.

What Do You Need For Your Workout?

Will you be mostly doing brisk walking, or are you planning to do a marathon? If you are just going to do some vigorous walking, you can probably buy a simple treadmill model. Prices vary, and there's no reason to shell out so much extra cash if you're not going to be using those extra features.

Some models are more geared to running. If you plan on doing a lot of running on your treadmill, look for a model that is suited for long range running. You might also want to pay a little extra for one that is especially sturdy.

How About The Extra Features?

Do you need a robot coach shouting at you to run faster? Or a TV with surround sound speakers? Do you want extra incline features so that it feels like you're running up hill? Read more here best treadmill under 1000

Modern treadmills offer lots of extra features such as memory cards, special padding, audio-visual players and settings to personalize your workout. If you don't need any of that stuff, don't pay extra for it. Look at some different models and decide what best suits your needs.

And How Much Will All This Be?

You can pay anywhere from $1500 to $3000 on a treadmill, and you can go even higher than that if you want the kind of models professional athletes train with. The price varies according to special features and quality of design. If you want to get into shape and lose a few pounds, a simpler model with a lower price tag might be more suitable for you.

The Best Treadmills

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As the New Year approaches, more and more individuals are considering what kind of resolutions they will make. Frequently, people make resolutions to pursue a healthier lifestyle and attempt to change their eating and exercise habits. Thus, in considering exercise, they begin to think about purchasing exercise equipment; one such piece of equipment includes the treadmill.

If you have never owned a treadmill, you may wonder which are the best ones to consider. Further, in seeing all the different varieties that are available, you might become overwhelmed by all of the different styles. Nevertheless, when purchasing one of the many available, it is important that you find the right one for you. So, just what should you look for?

First, you will want a treadmill that monitors your heart rate. Keeping track of your heart rate is imperative because it must increase in order for you to benefit from your treadmill workout. Some treadmills provide a handgrip pulse monitor, while others do not. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a treadmill, you will definitely want one with a feature that allows you to monitor your cardiovascular activity.

Alternatively, some treadmills will advise you on how many miles you have covered in your workout. This feature is especially beneficial if you have been advised by your doctor to walk a certain number of miles a day. In monitoring how many miles you walk on the treadmill, you can then keep your workout in check and meet the demands of your planned regime.

Other features that you might enjoy and should look for when purchasing a treadmill are features like auto incline, a quiet motor, a treadmill that provides impact absorption, and if you live in a small apartment, a treadmill that provides easy storage. Preferably, in terms of storage, you may want to purchase a treadmill that can fold up easily and be stored in a closet or underneath a bed. Finally, sturdiness is equally important - you will want to search among the best treadmills to find one that promises longevity, one that will be worth your well spent money. Click here best treadmill under 1000

Of course, cost will be a significant consideration when purchasing a treadmill, but it is important that you don't let your budget necessarily confine your purchase. Remember, inexpensive products may cost you more in the long run because they lack the durability that more expensive brands possess. So, if you want your money to go a long way, it is imperative that you purchase a treadmill that provides you with durability and all of the features you desire. In the end, you will be spending quite a bit of time on the treadmill working out, and you want the experience to be as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible - you wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on a treadmill only to decide that you don't like it and will not use it.