Consumer Decision Making

By: Erin Parrish

My Journey Through The 5 Stages of Decision Making

Need Identification- I saw the New Balance shoes in the store and decided I needed/wanted them.

Information Searching- I looked them up on the New Balance website to see how much they were.

Alternative Evaluation- They were $80 and then I had to think about if I really needed/wanted them that bad.

Purchase Decision - I decided they were worth buying because I had Christmas money that I saved up to buy something like this.

Post- Purchase Evaluation- The first time I wore them in public I was very satisfied with how comfortable they were.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Physiological to me means that you are receiving your basic needs like food, water and shelter.

Safety to me means that you are involved in a safe environment and you live in a safe place.

Love to me means that you have loving relationship with someone, whether it's your mom/dad or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Esteem to me means that you think of yourself in a good way or bad way.

Self- Actualization to me means that you believe you are living to the highest potential possible.

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Comparisons With My Partner

My partner's purchase compared to mine was more expensive, he also got the item on sale. With my purchase I paid full price and it was less expensive. With my partner's hierarchy's needs pyramid was very similar to mine. We had similar views of each level of the pyramid.