Playground Sketchup Project

Cody Hubener 2nd period

Step 1: Define the problem

For this project, the objective is to create a playground for children to play on. When I was a child, I enjoyed playing on the swings. For this project, I will have 6 elements on the actual playground itself. One more thing that children are attracted to is colors. Children love bright colors. Therefore, this playground will be colorful and bright.

Step 2: Create possible solutions

For this project, I have created 3 different designs to show what the playground might look like. If you will look down below, you will see the three designs that I have provided.

Top three designs for what playground will look like and the third box is best design; Step three

Components of playground

Below are the different types of things or equipment that will be on the playground.


On my project, I think that I probably could have made the playground on the sketchup to be wider and bigger. I also could have made it safer, because you dont want a kid falling off that play set. I could have also made it a little more colorful.