Drafting And Engineering Apps

The class for everyone!

Why Join?

If a student is looking for a class to let their imagination run wild and think outside the box, they should consider Drafting and/or Engineering Apps.

What is it?

Engineering Applications is a class where students can make 3D objects that move or work. When taking the course the student will learn about three different software programs. In Drafting, the first semester is Intro to Drawing, where you learn plan layout and transfer it to velum. The second semester is called Computer Automated Drafting where you get to use the program.


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Message from Teachers

“Engineering Applications even has a bonus. You can get college hours which is always good when a student is a senior,” teacher Adam Skrdla said. “Drafting is a lot different than any other course in the school, it’s a very demanding course. If you are someone who likes to challenge yourself, and think outside of the box you will enjoy this class.” teacher Cornelio Trejo said.