The Fault in our Stars - John Green

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters fight cancer together.


The Fault in our Stars is realistic fiction by John Green. Hazel Grace leads a tough life, having thyroid cancer since she was a little girl. Hazel's parents make her go to a support group, in her town, Indianapolis, where she meets with other people who have cancer as well and share their struggles and stories. There, she meets a 17 year old named Augustus Waters who used to have cancer but was thankfully cured. Augustus and Hazel lead a good friendship, until they turn more than just friends. When Hazel met Augustus, she was reading a book called An Imperial Affliction. She finishes the book not knowing what happens to the other characters. The book's author is one of her favorite authors, so she emails him with a few questions regarding the book. Weeks later she gets an email from him saying that she can come over in Amsterdam. Hazel goes with her mother and Augustus. He turns out not as friendly as she thought snd doesn't answer the questions Hazel expected them to be answered. In the end, it turns out Augustus had gotten cancer again before going to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, Augustus dies in the end and Hazel attends his funeral with sorrow.
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Main Characters

The main characters in this story are Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters.
I would totally recommend this book if you are looking for something to get into. This book will make you want to look forward to reading it everytime you pick up the book. It's humorous, sad, heart-warming, and full of different emotions.