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What's in this Issue for the Class of 2023?

  • CCC Greeting
  • *NEW* Jobs & Internships
  • Naviance Tasks
  • *NEW* Events
  • Dual Enrollment - Receive College Credit in High School
  • Work Permits
  • Mr. Guerin & Mrs. Hong's contact info

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Greetings Class of 2023,

Mr. Guerin and Mrs. Hong in Your Panther CCC (The College & Career Center in room B-1) are here to answer any question you have about college, internships, jobs, classes, and much more.

Please feel free to email us for help! Appointment info located at bottom of newsletter :)

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Midtown Veterinary Clinic

Midtown Veterinary Clinic in Newbury Park has MORE job openings for high school students!

If you are interested, email Julie Shain:

You may want to update your resume in preparation for next steps. Template below:

Resume Template

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Due by March 31st... HURRY up and Finish!

  1. Hop onto Naviance
  2. Go to "Self-Discovery"
  3. Complete BOTH = "Strengths Explorer" and "Career Interest Profiler" - make sure to favorite/heart at the end of the assessment.
*Do you want to try all the tools? Go right ahead.

Watch out, some assessments can only be completed once.

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1. Submit MC application (choose your semester) = Social security number needed unless you do not have one or have inputted in a previous MC/VC/OC application. (How to Apply)

2a. Within 24 hours of submitting your Application (step 1), you will receive a "Welcome" Email with your 900# (Send Mrs. Hong your 900# to create your MOU.)

This email EXPIRES in 10 days, you must complete step 2b below before it expires.

2b. In the Welcome Email there is a blue link "Start the MyVCCCD Setup Wizard." Click on this and go through the steps to access your MyVCCCD portal.

*Record your username and password. (How to Set Up)

Unless you have already completed this step in a previous semester. If you did and forgot your password, try the Forgot Password button at the login. Forgot your username? Let me know.

*If you do not receive this email, let me know.

2c. After logging into your MyVCCCD portal, submit the signed MOU as an attachment directly into the Secure Form Submission.

* Make sure to choose the CORRECT college for the MOU to be sent

* Within 72 hours of MOU submission, you will receive an email stating the dual enrollment was accepted. If not, let me know.

3. Register for the class in your MyVCCCD portal under the Register/Pay tab. Select the correct semester and then input the CRN (5 digit class code) for the class. Then scroll down to the bottom of screen and press "Pay Fees" (about $31)

(How to Register and Pay)

** First day of class, make sure to access your course in CANVAS in your MyVCCCD portal. If you miss the first day, most professors will drop you from the course. Email your professor about all concerns and questions.

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It's a two-step process:

1. Application and Signatures

  • the student, along with

  • the parent/guardian and

  • employer must fill out the B1-1 form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age” and submit to the College and Career Center

California Work Permit APPLICATION Form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age”

2. Processing:

  • The school reviews the completed and signed B1-1 form and issues the B1-4 (Work Permit). Processing time usually takes 2 business days.

Procedure when school is in Virtual session:

1. Print and fill out Work Permit form, above
2. Collect necessary signatures
3. Convert to PDF using a scanner or phone
4. Email completed form to Ms. Tuell at
5. Return the processed work permit to your employer
  • Processing Time: Two - three business days

NPHS College and Career Center

Mr. Guerin - Career Education Coordinator: or

Schedule a Zoom appointment on Mr. Guerin’s Calendar

Mrs. Hong - College and Career Guidance Specialist: or

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