Does our school library collection support CCSS?

In the Pierce County media center, there is a cornucopia of information at students disposal. However, this information is only of use to students if it can be easily accessed. In the media center, students are presented with a wide range of options ranging from educational text, fiction, poetry, current and archived periodicals, and even the world wide web. Using the media center, students at Pierce County High can learn about any number of different topics ranging from calculus to chemistry, to colonial history. At Pierce County, knowledge truly is at the students fingertips!

Are the student's prepared to succeed in college and in their careers?

Students here at Pierce County High are more than ready to succeed in college and their careers. The staff strives to encourage reading pertinent informational text. Pierce County is unique in that the media specialists maintain a well stocked e-bookshelf that is easily accessible by students. This allows them to cognitively develop at their leisure, and to cite these books as sources for classwork.