Planning out a financial strategy for the future is essential not just for companies and organizations but also for individuals. Be it planning the financials for higher education fees of children or planning financials for medical and other requirements post retirement, financial planning is a part and necessity of everyone. And the demand for financial planners in Australia has gone up with individual not able to decide themselves which are the save and feasible options/vehicles for sound financial planning for the future. Lack of time due to hectic work schedules and availability of many and complex financial savings instruments in the market has further necessitated the need for financial planners in Australia.

A financial planner is a practicing professional who has the requisite qualifications and expertise to prepare financial plans for people covering various aspects if personal finance like everyday cash flow management, investment planning, education planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, tax planning, risk management and business succession planning.

Financial planning is a highly regulated industry in Australia. It is mandatory in Australia that financial planners should hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) or should be authorised as a representative of an AFSL, unless covered under an exemption rule. The Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia also represents qualified financial planners in Australia. It is also recommended that in order to provide financial planning advice, the planners should meet the initial and on-going training as recommended by the Australia Securities and Investment Commission.

The academic qualification of a financial planner in Australia can be Diploma in Financial Planning, Bachelor of Financial Planning and Certified Financial Planner. Some of the leading financial planners in Australia are Eureka Financial Group, Shadforth Financial group, RK Financial Planning etc. in Sydney and Paul Moran Financial Planning, Hewis Private Wealth etc. in Melbourne. Other cities in Australia also have their own leading individual financial planners as well as financial planning partnership firms or companies.

Like financial advisors, financial planners in Australia too charge a heavy amount as consulting fees. Fees can be in the form of commissions or percent of your account value or both combined. Experienced and renowned financial planners in Australia even charge on an hourly basis for services rendered. There are almost 16000 financial planners registered in Australia. The law of Australia requires that financial planners act in the best interests of their clients.

Financial planners in Australia are generally chosen by clients for a fixed period, which can be renewed once the period gets over. Clients can also choose individual financial planners to act as personal financial planners.

With increasing demand for financial planners and financial planning services in Australia and other countries, a lot of young students too are choosing this path as a career option. Additionally qualified financial professionals from other countries too come and settle in Australia as opportunities in financial planning in Australia is plenty.

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