components of exercise

The five health components.

Muscular Strength is the ability of muscles to lift a heavy weight or exert a lot of force one time. An exercise is lifting a heavy weight.

Muscular Endurance is the the ability to use muscles for a long period of time without tiring. An exercise is the plank.

Cardiovascular Endurance is the the ability of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and blood to work efficiently and to supply the body with oxygen. An activity is swimming and running.

Body Composition is the the combination of all of the tissues that make up the body such as bones muscle, organs and body fat. An activity is running.

Flexibility is the the ability to use your joints fully through a wide range of motion. An activity is gymnastics.

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6 Skill Related Fitness Components

Agility is the the ability to change body positions quickly and keep the body under control when moving. An exercise is running between cones.

Balance is the the ability to keep the body in a steady position while standing and moving. An activity is yoga.

Coordination is the the ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity.

Power is the the ability to combine strength with speed while moving. An exercise is push-ups.

Speed is the the ability to move all or a part of the body quickly. An exercise is sprinting.

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