Best Online Finance Tools

Erin Curran

Finance Calculators

This tool not only does this website calculate every financial situation, but after entering your information it shows you a graph of the proposed solution plus an explanation and a table. This is useful for everything from how to lower your loan to what your potential tax liability is. It also has a section for college, retirement, auto, home, credit card, cash flow, insurance, and investments. has an app that I personally use, it keeps track of all actions going on within your accounts, no matter what bank you use. You can set budgets that keeps track of what you spent where and how much you should spend on that service per month. The only thing that annoys me is it doesnt display my account number so when I'm filling out a slip i can't just go to the app

A website that has tabs on every financial movement happening. I has articles, resources, calculators, investing tips, and helps you with your own account,


Wall Street Journal

Being from NY, the Post and WSJ were read religiously in my family, the Journal especially. UIt includes everything you are looking for, recent stock updates, money management tips, investments, etc. It sometimes can be difficult to follow, but its all there