By Quinn Madden

The followers are called Jews, as a short version of the term Jewish. Their central teachings/beliefs are that the Role of Torah is to tell people about the rule of Torah and to gain followers named Jews. Their sacraments/traditions are eating Kosher foods, which are the foods that the TeNaKh says are okay to eat, and BarBar Mitovah which is a special ceremony when someone turns 13 and becomes a man. Their place of worship is the Synagogue. Their worship leader is called the Rabbi. Their holy book is called the TeNaKh. Their holy days/holidays are Rosh Hoshanah, celebrating the Jewish newyear, Yom Kippar, celebrating the end of the Tend Days of Repetence, and Passover, the celebration of God's rescue of the ancient Israels from slavery in Egypt. Their holy city/place is the Holy Temple in Jersualem, the first Jewish temple made.

Second paragraph

Besides god, which religious figure is common to all three religions? Abraham is. Which view about God is common to all three religions? The view that there is one, invisible god, called a Monotheistic religion.